Interests and Inspirations

Here you can find pieces of media I'm currently enjoying and/or thinking about. I'll also keep track of my thoughts on media thats particularly inspiring or special to me here.
Video Games and their art are my primary interest, so I'm always looking for unique and memorable experiences. I also listen to a TON of different music so my tastes are all over the place.

Recent Inspirations

Collapsibles are pretty neat, but I don't have anything to say here yet.

Current Favorites

Celeste, Chicory, Outer Wilds, Disco Elysium, Ultrakill, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, Team Fortress 2, Deep Rock Galactic, Eastward, Tales from Off-Peak City

Book Corner

Now Reading:
+ Claw by Wildbow
Recently Finished:
+ The Gods are Bastards

Next Up:
+ House of Leaves
+ Gideon the Ninth

Now Playing

Video Games:
+ Hades II
+ Corn Kidz 64
+ Doom II

+ Jungle (Genre)
+ Happy Harecore (Genre)
+ Excursions by C418
+ Slayer FX by Poltergeist
+ Music for Virtual Museums by Hakita
+ The Unattended by ARForest & Various Artists