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Succession Showdown Round 4
Midwich Valley Colorist
Nightmare Land Round 2

What is an OCT?

You might be wondering this: O.C.T. stands for Original Character Tournament.
How it (usually) works is: You submit an OC you have created following some theme or criteria and are then matched up against someone else who did the same.
Each of you then create a comic featuring both of your characters, and whoever is judged the winner once the deadline is up has their comic considered canon.
While everything here is from comic tournaments, some OCTs also include other mediums such as animation and prose.

Badge & Stats Guide

1. Featured
This character has a comic that is exceptional among the others, and I think you should read it!
2. Fanwork
This character is based off an existing property and is from it's universe. While this does not count for characters based off the setting of an original OCT, some OCTs take place in established properties as fanworks.
3. Collaboration
This character and/or their comics are a collaboration between me and someone else, in some cases most of the work may belong to the other person.
4. Commentary
This character has creator commentary from me on the process and goals behind their particular comics.

Below each character's tournaments is a series of letters seperated by dashes representing their tourney stats in order of the comics listed.
W = Victory, L = Loss, D = Victory by Default, I = Bonus, N = Loss by No Submission.
No Signal (Sings Thru the Static)

No Signal
(Sings Thru the Static)

Work in Progress!

R1 Not So Fast!!
vs Masu Pasu


Oubliette of Hellfire

Work in Progress!

Hotaru Shimizu

Hotaru Shimizu

(he/him) The guardian spirit of a hot springs inn. Polite, formal, respectable, and carries an aura of authority.

Kiri the Haze Spirit

Kiri the Haze Spirit

(it/its) A maneki-neko statue and the massive fog bank around it. Can be a symbol of ill or good fortune. There are machine horrors in the fog.
Loosely based off the lore for Rain World.

R1 White Out
vs KingedPineapple

R2 No Turn
vs BuddBudd & Pengogo vs Jojo404

Weapon Smyth

Weapon Smyth


"God will not let me into Heaven. I will Reach it with Violence. One Sword at a Time." -Weapon Smyth
(he/him) An Ex-Ferryman full of fire and a wrath for all things. He thinks of Hell as a mindset and something to strive for. Mantles their atum to conjure an infinite amount of swords.
Fan Character for Sea of Thieves, Ultrakill, and Kill Six Billion Demons.

R2 Me Wicked Treasure
vs CrayonJackie

vs TheRedKipp, feat. skeleton OCs by TheOnePrometheus, rat_on_string, SupremeKrispyKreme, AegiesOfWorms, Pengogo, plus a suggestion from Th3crazyguard1an

FEATURED: R4 The World Looks Red
vs MrTheNinja, feat. PresidentGUN's and MarinersAstrolabe's OCs

Seven Chimes

Seven Chimes

(they/it) A silent deity of the calm emptiness within background spaces. Always followed by twin narrators hiding in the shadows, known as Stillness of Shade. Divine Domains are Liminality, Wind, Water, and Gardens

R2 The Painted Savanna
vs KingedPineapple

The Shopkeeper

The Shopkeeper

(they/it) An enigmatic merchant always looking for the next deal to strike. Cryptic, but well intentioned in it's quest to trade up to rarer cards and help people optimize their card decks.
In their case, "cards" are actually the attributes of people that can be added or removed by giving away or destroying the associated card Shopkeeper manifests.

R1 Take a Chance
vs SludgePunk

R2 Firewalls
vs PopCatCalamari

I2.5 Compilation Error
New design based heavily on PopCatCalamari's unused redesign

R3 Epic Rap Battle
vs Chaddiffer

R4 On Vacation
vs Saverin vs NamelessIsNameless vs AtLeast3WholeGoblins

Lini Soldato

Lini Soldato


(he/him) Once the Head of Security, now a prisoner within Midwich Valley after he mysteriously developed anomalous powers relating to film. He is, understandably, not on good terms with his fellow inmates but still tries to help after wandering the valley.
Character by L-Mop

Character, Inks, and Dialog by L-Mop
Color and Editing by Vitic



(any/all) An escaped lab experiment wielding total mastery of light/color magics. Is in a near constant state of panic from being stressed out.

R1 Spectrumus Commits Robbery
vs DonkTheDubious (Page 2) feat. xx_Doodle_xx's OC



(any/all) Hailing from a small island community, “Driftwood” is a laid back surfer-shark with a passion for adventure who sails the open seas of countless worlds on their drua. Given magic talismans by the spirits of wind and sea to aid their journey, they chase after stars that have fallen into the sea to see what horizon it brings them next.

Their chill demeanor keeps them optimistic to peaceful solutions, though when the health of the sea or their own freedom is at stake, she fights with a ferocious passion to tie up threats using their fishing hook, bottled winds, and superior swimming.

R1 Picture Perfect
vs TopHatGeo

R2 Driftwood Does Their Taxes
vs Onion

R3 Red Sky Station
vs Myeth

R4 N/A
vs Arkeis



(she/her) Space Candy Trader and Magic Candle Kitty!


Siempier Virfren

(they/he/it) The Ranger of the Dark Woods, the forests of dreams formed from cold nights spent under the stars and the whispering of the wind and beasts amidst the trees. It wields Moonlight Arrows to defend lost travellers from overgrown nightmares. Kinship with owls, who granted them form.

Boid and Outline

Boid & Outline

(he/they) A Cosmere scholar and meme enthusiast who stumbled into the tournament while tracking down the rumored "Meme-Spren." Sought to discover how other contestant's powers work and progress their oathes.
Alongside Boid came his bonded Spren, Outline (he/they/it), who enjoys lies and games, often finding many things amusing and humming. Fan Character(s) for Stormlight Archive.

Hell Tournament Arc. Whilst dead, Boid traded some of their powers for that of a Mistborns to be more effective at fighting and further progressed their oathes, which were retained after respawing for the Finale.

R2 2fort4u
vs Ledgem

I2.5 Consolation Prize

R3 Ain't That a Kick in the Head
vs Feaurie feat. BornOnBoard & Katros' OC

Side Tournament: Reign in Hell Rumble

R1 Ruin in the Reign Rumble
vs Shylock (Winner), Crowrags, Moonsettler, MrTheNinja, Bri, Bobert

Finale: Grand Battle

R8 Descend Home
vs L-Mop

Green Gang

Green Demon &
Agent Suit Only

(it/its) The puppeteer of an unassuming doll, bound with a pendant. Wields demonic energies in their pursuit of spaghetti.
Based on ROM Hacks of Mario 64 and that one Luigi Pentagram meme.

Hell Tournament Arc. After their destruction, it came back as a strange entity based off Monument Mythos and wielding tools from the Hitman: World of Assassination series. During the finale, their past self respawned and teamed up with itself.

Intro Rite of Passtasauce

R1 Wrong Restaurant
vs ChromaticRed

Side Tournament: Hellcoaster

R1 Coaster Killer
vs 1FreeCaleb

R2 Worst Dinner Party
vs 0ystersauce & Bafes

Finale: Grand Battle

I7.5 Green Gang Returns




An indecisive gold devil engineer no longer content to watch the destruction of the world from the sidelines.
Makes up for their small stature with an improvised set of armor and a huge supply of alchemical concoctions to throw at enemies.
Based off the lore of Kill Six Billion Demons.

R7 Murmuration
Art and Writing by L-Mop
Cover Art and Lettering by Vitic

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